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Well folks, I have good and bad news. The bad news is that all that project development up to this point was on my c: drive and it decided to check out and go to that place in the sky where dead hard drives go. With it went alot of my hard work and time. I have lost data due to hard drive failure before, but this one hurts....I have been struggling with motivation to complete this project since day one, and this is the event that pretty much ends JIS development as far as I am concerned.
All is not lost though, I managed to find an old copy of JIS's source code while looking through my old floppies (ca. 1999) and will be posting it on this website later today or tommorrow..So the good news is that development for those that want to develop JIS can continue. I will probably trim down this site and place the source code on the homepage.
If developer(s) are out there want to continue the project, all I ask is that you drop me a line and tell me what you are doing with it (personal use you don't have to tell me about, I am talking about JIS being put back up on the internet). I'd like to be aware of what people use the source for.

I really wanted to get a new version out by now, but there has been several things preventing an update. I cannot compile and test the code that I have written on the machines at work (no Java compiler). My PC has been non-functional lately and have spent a lot of my time fixing it instead of working on JIS (largely due to a new DSL installation and IRQ conflicts). I want the update to be more than just a code rewrite (for performance); I want to add additional features also. In the next version of JIS should have multiple image format support (BMP, GIF, FPX, JPEG, PNG, PNM, TIFF), image layering, a bunch of bug fixes and (time permitting) alpha blending, gradient color fx. The bottom line is that I am continuing work on JIS, I wont make any promises to a release date because this will be a major update and predicting development time accurately requires a lot of experience; experience that I don't have. I have never coded something this extensive so don't hold your breath. As soon as it's done I will post it.

A lot has changed since my last post. I have moved, and since the move I have changed jobs twice, my latest job (unlike my previous one) allows me some extra time to continue working on this project, so those of you that have been visiting this site frequently can expect an update soon. Two things have been added to the site since the last post: user poll #1 on homepage, and user poll #2 on this page. In a few weeks I should be able to make this site look the way I originally wanted it to look (After putting up my own web server). If I should do this is other question, I am of the opinion that what makes a web site great is the content, not the layout...You probably noticed this already ;). I recently received an email that has gotten me to look over Java Image Studio's code. I have noticed some things that should be rewritten. I could spend time making this web page better or spend time working on JIS. What do you think?

I finally figured out why I got 4000+ hits the first day this site was up, it was the "porn reaction" I used the word "amateur" to describe my program which generated the buckets of invalid hits. This post will probably do the same. =p

I could enable file uploading downloading for the enhanced version. I'm not going to unless there is real interest in this program.

Three things. 1) Basic version will never have file upload/download.(at least not with servlets, or signed applets--last option is cgi) 2) Basic version now has "rubberbanding". 3) Despite repeated attempts this site is invisible to search engines.

Basic version now has text insertion features as well as grabbing color off of a loaded image. Not very useful now, but file upload and download should change that.

New "basic" version posted.

Added new "vision" page. It covers what I hope the program will eventually develop into. It also contains the reason why I started to make this program in the first place.

Corrected link for the Java Runtime Evironment (JRE). I had uploaded a copy to this server, but there are two things wrong with that. The copy I uploaded is just shy (like 3000 bytes) from being complete. There is not enough room provided on this server to have the installer for each Operating System. The link now points to sun's version of the JRE on their website. I will be adding another page called "my vision" soon. It will contain the reasons why I started this project and where I hope it will end up. Linux users, Sun realeased the JDK v 1.2 a.k.a. Java 2 for your platform like 3 days ago! Grab in on their website

Major html overhaul. Site is less confusing and more informative. A bit more visually appealing too. Added two new links to help with various program related issues (How to install, Usage tips). I am looking into html upload/download so you can save & load your work. The reason that this isn't offered is because applets have security restrictions built into them. Therefore there is no feasible way to program this into JIS (Java Image Studio) without many problems. Perhaps there is some clever way around this, I can not say for sure. I also fixed the "Get more colors" option of the posted program. It didn't work before, now it does.

AOL browser works with my program. I have already made some improvements that I mentioned were needed in the last entry. It now only flickers when scrolling.

When all else fails, brute force prevails! Web enabled program works using IE 5. I tried using AOL's v5.0 browser (just a disguised version of IE) but it wouldn't load. I will work more on this later.
I know, the version that's up now needs a few things, like double buffering, (It flickers terrible) and the line select vs. zoom buttons don't draw properly when switching between them a few times. (just a cosmetic problem though) I will fix these problems as time allows.

The web-enabled program despite following all instructions does not want to run properly. I am rewritting my entire program in the old 1.1.x java platform to "force" it to work. Right now the conversion is like 35% done. I will keep the enhanced version up and add the 1.1.x version as soon as its ready.

I have my program web-enabled, click on "try now" link in the bar. I know it needs network enabled file manipulation, I am coding it right now.

I am planning on putting a web enabled version of my application as soon as I figure out the best way to do this. This may take awhile, but it will happen.

Soon I will post a much improved installer, it will automate all the things that was necessary in previous versions. I will also include the java runtime environment for download. What this means to those who are unfamiliar with java is that it will run like any other program (ie. you won't even know that my program is written in java)

Changed the download section, I removed all known buggy features. I also made some images to improve the site. They will be up later.

As promised the next version is here. Goto download section to pick it up.

Updated Homepage picture. Program can now crop images, and save in gif format. Once I bind the UI to the program "guts" I will post it as the next version. Probably the update will occur tommorrow.

Messed around with HTML. Made site more attractive.

Added a bug section today about the known limitations of this program and what I hope the program will develop into. On advice from a friend I will keep this site up.

Added more color buttons, and made line size choosable from 1-50 pixel thickness. I might take this page down due to lack of interest.

Worked on flood filling method today. Three functions later, I still am not getting satisfactory results, one is buggy, another to way too slow (took 7 seconds on a 400Mhz machine to fill 640x480 rectangle!), the third has promise. Updated features section and added a picture on the main page. I want this program to be shaped by the desires of the users, to that end I have added a feedback/suggestion page.

4101 hits received, bear with me as I learn HTML. Site under construction on 11:36pm EST. I am waiting for a reply from angelfire's server admins on how to (properly)set up servlets. Until I have that information this web site will be on hold.