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Java Image Studio is an enhanced painting program that works on any operating system (dos, unix, linux, windows, etc.) Try it

Java Image Studio is now an open source project!

I have good and bad news. The bad news is that all that project development up to this point was on my c: drive and it decided to check out and go to that place in the sky where dead hard drives go. With it went alot of my hard work and time.
All is not lost though, I managed to find an old copy of JIS's source code while looking through my old floppies (ca. 1999) and will be posting it on this website later today or tommorrow..So the good news is that development for those that want to develop JIS can continue.
If developer(s) are out there want to continue the project, all I ask is that you drop me a line and tell me what you are doing with it (personal use you don't have to tell me about, I am talking about JIS being put back up on the internet). I'd like to be aware of what people use the source for.

Download Source Code

I may be able to recover what was lost by the use of java decompilers, I already have ran the .class files through mocha and the results look promising. I am going to reverse engineer as much as I have still posted on this website and post the results as an updated source code download in addition to what I already have here now. Coders wishing to continue the project should check out the jai (java advanced imaging) package at sun's java homepage. That package should allow multiple image support without much additional coding--relative to programming the same functionally on your own--required. Developer(s) should also be aware of the nature of the AWT (abstract windows toolkit) in java. I have discovered that of all the things I could have chose to program, the AWT is the weakest part of the java framework. That is, if you get buggy behavior there is a good chance that it is not just the code you wrote, it could also be due to imperfections in the language (as of Java SDK v1.2) itself.
You may see them in the newer source code I will be posting in about a week, it all depends on the decompiler's ability to decompile. I don't plan on doing any rewrites.

The new files are below. I got less then ideal results, I no longer have a Java 1.2 compiler so I cannot test to see how well the decompilation did. After looking the source over quickly, it seems to be accurate to what I had orginally done. The new source code is below.

Download Decompiled Source Code

If this program is not what you wanted I suggest you check out the GIMP or the artistic software listings at freshmeat for a suitable replacement. By the way the source for this app is not very good, it works but isn't really proper object oriented programming. There are things I understand now much better then I did when this program was written (mainly reference passing issues and how classes integrate with one other). People out there holding their breath for an update, don't look for one (as if the time that has passed since my last post wasn't a hint) I'm leaving the site up as a possible help to any coders out there that would like to see a bigger project then one that you might find in a textbook. There really isn't any other point as far I as can tell for this to exist.